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I’m Dr. Betsy Lavin and I would love to help you find clarity and focus for your life. No more wondering, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”. 

As a Christian life coach I help you discover your God-given strengths so you can live with greater impact and influence.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a business entrepreneur, I can help you move forward in your life and live with confidence of God’s call for you. 

Helping you excel at what you do best.


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Do you need focus and clarity?


Discover God’s Divine Design and Purpose for your Life

with Christian Life Coaching



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One of the best Life Decisions that I have ever made was to go through Dr. Betsy Lavin’s “Find Your Beautiful Life Plan” as I went through her course. The Life Plan is an extraordinary, life-changing triadic journey; where the Holy Spirit guides and Dr. Betsy walks by your side as you carefully step through each stage. It is a revelatory time of sharing, laughing, sometimes weeping; and deep reflective soul searching. You will gain clarity, understanding, confirmation and reassurance that our Loving God has always been—and will always be—at work in your life. Whether you are seeking direction for your business, or if you simply long to discover and/or embrace your Divine Design & Purpose, then the “Find Your Beautiful Life Plan” is for you. ~Linda A. Fuggs



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We Walk By Faith and Not By Sight: Women in the Market Place

Read my story along with other professional women of faith in the marketplace. We hope our stories will inspire and encourage you to be confident in who you are in the workplace as you face the challenges and pressures of everyday life. They will motivate you and give you practical tips and insight on how to integrate biblical and spiritual principles into your work environment with grace and truth.

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