Life Coaching with Dr. Betsy

Need help finding clarity and focus in a certain area of your life? 

No, worries. Life coaching with Dr. Betsy will get you moving forward with intention.

     First-time clients WELCOME!


How would you feel if you had a clear direction for your future?


What if you had a step by step plan to create a life you love?


Together we can do that!


Life Coaching with Dr. Betsy


Customized Coaching

 This program truly keeps it simple. You pick the topic that you want to focus on and together we decipher and determine your next best steps.  

Stop the frustration of feeling stuck and discover a clear spirit-led direction for creating a life you love.

No more uncertainty. Only clarity and confidence.

This package is perfect for you if you have never experienced life coaching and want to see if it’s a good fit for you! 

It’s also great if you are a seasoned client looking for a quick few sessions to get you back on track.

“As your personal coach I will work one to one with you to encourage you, empower you, and challenge you to move forward in whatever area of your life that’s keeping you stuck.” 

Dr. Betsy

Prioritize your life

Identify what’s most important

Prioritize your steps

Possible areas for discussion: (Pick only one or two areas for optimum success, we can always add more!) 

 Your Personal Life 

Health, Growth, Marriage, Family, Friends, Relationships

Your Spiritual Life 

Personal ministry, Faith, Community, Volunteer, Missions

Your Vocational Life 

God’s Calling for your Career, Education, Financial, Retirement

 Discover your true potential with life coaching!

Ready to get started? 

Honestly Simple

3-Session Coaching Package


I welcome all questions you may have on this coaching program…all you have to do is ask! 

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